Please help with old Reichert Goswin Swing

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Please help with old Reichert Goswin Swing

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Dear Forum

My father found an old Reichert Goswin machine, i'm having trouble to find any information about the device.
Seems to work, the lights are flashing when i plug it in and the ventillator is spining inside.
Anyone can help me with more information, as well as how much could it worth on the market nowdays?

Thank you so much!
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Re: Please help with old Reichert Goswin Swing

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Hello !
Please make a Picture with the Displays.
Is there 00.00
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Re: Please help with old Reichert Goswin Swing

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Hi Cärlosman,

This is quite a rare machine, but is also not so popular. Therefore, it is difficult to say how much you could get for it if it's working. You will also need the technical documentation and likely the help of a Reichert expert in case of any errors.

As you can see here (, it is from 1986 and you need German Mark (DM) for it (0.30 DM / 30 Pfennig per game).

From where are you?
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